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Information to pioneers ready to automate  wanting disrupt expensive and dangerous facade operations


Effectiveness of cleaning – I have doubts as Wall-R just uses clean water. Could bio-degradable chemicals be used also? I have experience with some old buildings where stains are difficult to remove, and some chemicals were used to overcome this

We can add chemicals to boost Wall-R window washing. Chemical can me mixed with rinsing water on the ground  or on the roof. Only two additional components are needed: the liquid mixer and chemical tank.   How ever we don't recommend chemicals this because Wall-R uses 1,6kw high speed brush that removes everything and fast. Automation enables you clean faced two or three times with same costs as one time wash. Simply select duplicate or  triplicate washes when activating automation.

Can it be used to surfaces other than glass eg. Concrete

 Yes, no limits. Cylider brush is suitable for windows, solar panels and any surace material washing.  Wall-R is multi purpose device, it can wash, inspect and paint depending on instrumentation.  

What kind of brush is used? Will it scratch the glass façade

Brush is designed and widely used for window and solar panel cleaning. It is safe for all types of facades. Brush is made out of 0,2mm nylon bristles

In your specs you have set max height  100m height, how can it be used to clean beyond 100m and in a safe manner

Max height depends on facade type, wind and facade shape. Limitations are described in detail in installation and safety instructions:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gVZJTe2GPOjOfsKiN_chPeqsP2L8Kg_mV5Vu25leCIU/edit?usp=sharing

Does Wall Robotics provide window cleaning or facade defect scanning service?

Yes, we do.  We promise to wash any +4 floors high flat roof in Helsinki region 20 % cheaper that cheapest competing offer.  We are happy to provide cleaning service to other locations,  but we have to add traveling costs to cheap base price.

What is the propeller needed for

Propeller creates trust that is important for both window cleaning performance and stabilizing the perpendicular sway in case of unexpected strong gusts. Propeller makes wall are both faster and safer. More details in this presentation:  https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1YtuRbytSWa0sdSLEdotXgtqvei7z06PZ5_NndAXeC1Y/edit?usp=sharing

I am interested in window cleaning automation but I am afraid of high robot installation costs. What is the real installation cost and competence needed

Installation costs (set up cost) are the biggest cost element. How ever reduction in running cost  (cleaning cost) is so dramatic that total costs are reduced. Installation costs can be reduced by building permanent installations or semi permanent installations and creating multi year washing plan. Look at "Business Case" page for details. Automation configuration app screen print is presented below.

How can someone visually control the robot from far, especially if the unit could go beyond 100m?

Same way as drone. Device has s-video quality camera and joystick has 4 inch screen. In addition robot has smart phone app for remote control.

What happens to the unit when it breaks down or loss of power? Will it fall and will there be a safe way to bring the machine down? 

Gear and motor friction is designed so that device will slowly descent when power is lost. Safe way to bring device down is to unplug power socket and it will descent slowly and gently. In case of mechanical failure where reels would be stuck device can be descended feeding rope from the roof. This is called emergency descent.

Is there any way of overcoming obstacles like ledges?

Yes device has robotic arm for this. Device can overcome obstacles up to 50cm with standard arm and obstacles up to 2 meters with reach extender.  Look at pictures in the presentation below: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1YtuRbytSWa0sdSLEdotXgtqvei7z06PZ5_NndAXeC1Y/edit?usp=sharing

How would the service support be when customer owns the product?

We would simply ship you new device in case of any defect.

What certificates you have have acquired?

We aquired the European safety certificate CE Mark: