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Business Case

For professionals evaluating possibility to use robotic window cleaning technology


This page is dedicated to most important question of robotic window washing which is cost efficiency

There has been lot of discussion how much Wall-R saves money in the real field conditions. Our saving promise is solid but % is not clear. We could not formulate % saving number, because savings depend on lot of variables like facade size, roof edge type, dirt composition, labor cost, crane cost, etc.  We have documented Helsinki case buildings measurements in below link. We are disclosing you the same data as our R&D team is working on. 


The document also contains cost component breakdown projection after the automation release.   

For further installation work and operation work steps, please find links to installation and operation instructions below. 



We hope you find above material useful when deciding on which buildings window cleaning is attractive to automate (if any) with current market technology. 

In order to proof out promise of saving we offer several soft start options: 

- Purchase one time window cleaning service from us. Our price is market rate - 20 % robot saving  + travelling costs. 

- Order demo, we can provide demo cleaning for your own building. In this case you would pay traveling costs and roof installation costs

- Lease the device for Free. We can give you Wall-R device for two months for free

Don't hesitate contact us, robot is ready, we know it works,  let's make money together!